A Glimpse into my Process

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about how I went about painting my most recent piece! This was painted entirely in Photoshop CS5 with my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.


Commission Process by Katie Braun


1. First things first, after quickly sketching out the general idea of the picture, I use a hard round brush to draw in some more precise lineart. Nothing too perfect at this stage, since I’ll paint over most of the lines by the end. After I block in the lines, I start thinking about color. Most of the time I’ll work out the palette on the canvas and leave it there as I paint.


2. The pose was feeling a little stiff, so I twisted her body a bit to make it seem more natural.


3. This screencap is mostly a joke (she looks like an alien bahahaha!), but it does bring up a good point–when working with lineart, it’s easy to rely too much on the lines to show you where forms start and end. By hiding the lineart layer, you can see how the forms look without lines. Once the forms can stand on their own without the lines, I merge the lineart and color layers together and start to paint on top of the lines.


4. This is about 3-4 hours of work right here. Most of that time was spent on the dress pattern hahaha. I’ve used the Color Balance tool to adjust to add red to make the highlights warmer and the shadows cooler than they were in my original palette.


5. There was too much volume in the hair, and she was feeling a little too Barbie-ish for my taste. I used the liquify tool to nudge the hair back into shape without undoing hours of work! I also darkened the lower half of her body to draw attention up to her face.


6. The final image! I adjusted the colors a bit more and added tiny details to emphasis the texture of the dress. At this point, I also add a texture on an overlay layer–especially if the piece is going to be printed out.


And there you have it!  Hope that helps–personally, I learn a lot by looking at other artists’ processes. In the future I want to post a time-lapsed video of one of my paintings, so look forward to that!

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Posted by Katie Braun 09/24/2014