Steampunk Illustration for GISHWHES

Steampunk Illustration for GISHWHES art by Katie Braun

Illustration for GISHWHES 2.0

A painting I did for the second-annual GISHWHES, a.k.a. The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen. GISHWHES is a yearly photo-based scavenger hunt known for making its participants photograph and record themselves creating strange things and engaging in social norm-breaking activities. It’s so extreme, it has picked up 5 Guinness World Records!

One particular task was to paint Queen Elizabeth II and Misha Collins (an actor and the original creator of the scavenger hunt) dressed in Steampunk garb riding a horse. As the resident illustrator on my team, this task was mine alone.

Unfortunately my team didn’t win, but we were the runners-up!

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